What is Seer rating?
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: Seer is an efficiency ratio in units of BTU’s per watt-hour.

How often should I replace my filter?
We recommend replacing standard pleated type filters once a month. However, there are other filtration options designed for yearly replacement.

Does my heating and air conditioning equipment need to be cleaned?
We recommend inspecting and cleaning your indoor and outdoor equipment semi-annually after it has been operating for a minimum of 1 year.

How can I tell if I have a fresh water leak with no visible water signs present?
If you receive a letter from the city or notice an increase in your water bill, the first thing we recommend checking is the water meter.  If there is no water running in the home (dishwasher, shower, etc.) and the meter is turning, that would be an indication of a present water leak.

Can a water heater be cleaned?
A standard water heater with a tank can be drained and flushed to clean out the current sediment build-up and the anode rod can be replaced to also prevent further build-up.

Why are my drains slow?
There are several reasons for slow drains such as an obstruction, a break in the line caused by tree roots and even collapsed lines due to age or ground movement.  We recommend having a video inspection done on your sewer line/s to locate the leak and determine what caused the problem.