Professional Heating & Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Air conditioning tune up checks are some of the most important jobs we do here at our Jackson MS air conditioning and heating company – McInvale Heating & Air, Inc. Plumbing & Gas. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioner running efficiently for a long time. Maintenance can also prevent costly, emergency break downs by finding and fixing small problems before they become larger ones.

However, air conditioning maintenance is about much more to our Jackson MS air conditioning specialists. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, HVAC systems across the country emit over 100 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, adding to pollution and other environmental issues. This number is consistently made worse by inefficient systems. Because of this, we’ve made McInvale’s duty to help save the environment “One Home and Business at a Time!”

The Maintenance Process

Check refrigerant level (adjust as needed).

Clean, adjust blower components to provide optimal system airflow.

Clean condenser air conditioning coils.

Check/inspect the condensate drain.

Check thermostat settings to save energy.


Professional heating tune-ups are some of the most important jobs we perform at McInvale Heating & Air, Inc. Plumbing & Gas in Jackson MS. Regular heating tune-ups are important because they can prevent costly emergency break downs by discovering and repairing problems before they turn into bigger issues.

The Heating Tune-Up Process

Measure the voltage and current on motors;

Check all gas (or oil) connections, as well as the pressure and heat exchanger;

Check system cycles to assure the system starts, operates, and shuts off correctly;

Tighten all electrical connections if they are loose;

Lubricate all moving parts.

How You Can Help

There are simple things that you as a home or business owner can do to prevent break downs, and performing heating maintenance on your own heating systems is the best way. Make sure you inspect, clean, or change out air filters once a month in your heating and cooling systems. Our Jackson MS heating technicians would be delighted to show you how to do this so that you can stay on top of the regular maintenance of your HVAC system.

You can also count on us for installation, repairs and emergency HVAC service.